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Our specialized Business consultant believes that, every business is a Living, Breathing entity that has a Heart and Soul. Our Specialized professional Consultants are passionate on their business services, as each of our business service and solution will be reflecting our passions and our business commitment will be providing the highest level of professional and result oriented services for the success of the business man goals and dreams.


To Restructure the Management System for enhancing the business opportunities - To minimize the Operational Cost with the efficient management - To overcome all the Business threats for enhancing the Profits –To enhance the Brand Equity - To lead and transform the company into an Innovative Market Leader ahead of competition.

Index International Management Consultancy understands your business:-

As an entrepreneur himself, our professional consultant, understands Medium / small business operators’ needs and challenges intimately. INDEX INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Business Management Consultants FMCG / Retailpersonal vast field experience in starting and operating Medium and small businesses set him apart from corporate consultants, who do not have experience with micro-scale businesses.


“Our vision is to promote entrepreneurial growth by helping business people with entrepreneurial potential, to accomplish entrepreneur business dream and to maximize entrepreneur profits, to realize their dreams”


“Our mission is to assist and support the entrepreneur in exploring all the opportunities, launching new ventures, or developing their existing business by providing productive business solutions and recommendations to attain their goals”.


“Index International Management Consultancy – Your Specialized Business Adviser”.

  • Index International Management Consultancy will be providing a result oriented vision for redefining the existing company policy and for enhancing the profitability of the company. Also Index International Management Consultancy will be providing a Business plan for starting a new business or for the existing business in this competitive business environment to generate the projected yearly profit.
  • The successful Business owners are most likely very good at what they do. However, majority of the business owners find that they are not very good at the day-to-day management operations of running the business efficiently.
  • Index International Management Consultancy will guide the businessman to inject the much needed required businessintelligenceinto their business structure.
  • INDEX INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY specialized Business Management Consultants will be implementing well proven management profitability system and organizational improvements systems for a professional management to attain the set goals.
  • Index International Management Consultancy has the updated information / knowledge onthe many challenges facing current FMCG / Retail businesses in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment and accordingly the Index International Management Consultancy will recommend thecompany a redefinedstrategyto attain the company profitability goals.
  • Index International Management Consultancyunderstands the business development difficulties, because INDEX INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Business Management consultants are thespecialized business advisers to many of FMCG / Retail business entrepreneurs, who have owned or currently head-up their own successful business organizations.
  • Index International Management Consultancy – specialized team will assist you, if the business becoming businessman life, rather than his livelihood or if the business required most of the businessman time to maintain the business, still very less projected growth, Or, if the business is witnessing declining profits, markets share and Man management inefficiencies, where the businessman grappling alone.
  • Index International Management Consultancy – specialized team will assist you, if the business results and improvement initiatives proven disappointing in spite of all the efforts and if the businessman have lost the business focus and uncomfortably deep into the bank line of credit, because the bank lending facility currently becoming overly burdensome, due to that the business declined to the serious turnaround stage.


Business Evaluation and Organization Reviews.

  • Every businessman thinks that he is doing all the right things for his business, but for some reason, due to the inefficiency, his business bottom line doesn’treflect the success. Every businessman is working long and hard hours from Saturdays to Thursdays, and he is desperate to find more efficient and effective ways to run his business efficiently.
  • Index International Management Consultancy will gladly help the businessman to redefine the management set up,Vision Mission and Strategy, by evaluating the current business model, process, operations, development opportunities and/or organizational structure, for identifying the problems or areas of improvement to maximize the profits. At last every business bottom line is PROFIT, but not to run the business with the accumulating loss.

Company can expect guaranteed Results:

  • The businessman will learn how efficient and effective the company’s business programs and initiatives. The businessman will also gain the ability to recognize, when changes are required and need to implement them across all parts of the business on an ongoing basis. Also, the businessman can identify opportunities that will increase the company operational excellence.

New products launches / Project Implementation and Management

  • Every businessman wants to be a successful business man by launching new products in the market for increasing the company market share, products portfolio and profitability.
  • Index International Management Consultancy will help the business man to introduce and Launch the FMCG/ RETAIL new products and Index International Management Consultancyis competent to manage any size of new projects.
  • Also, Index International Management Consultancywill provide professional management service to the manufacturing companies for increasing the quality production by minimizing the company operation expenses.

Business Plan

  • Index International Management Consultancy will provide a Business Plan,on the potential of the businessman ideas and for his very excited business dream to become a reality in this highly competitive business environment and to become asuccessfulbusinessman. Because, every businessman certain that his ideas will succeed, but he is unsure of the process involved to achieve it. Also, the businessman needs to submit a business plan tothe Investors, financial institutions for financial supports and to the Mall Management forobtainingRetail showroom space approval.
  • Business plan is paramount for every business and Index International Management Consultancy will develop full business plans for start-ups and existing businesses and those business man want to have a detail business plan to implement hisMarketingstrategyaccordingly and those looking for finance, entering new markets, introducing new products, or restructuring the business set up.

Strategic Planning

  • Index International Management Consultancy will develop full strategic plans to help the company to define the core values of organizations and key business activities for meeting thecompany’sobjectives. We will dissect the organization and will analyze internal operations as well as the external environment of the company business for preparing a Strategic plan to attain the set goals.
  • Index International Management Consultancywill also work with the company to set new goals, to create new strategies and timelines, and to determine the company success criteria, for the businessman to run the company with a long term successful business results. Company’s business activities or issues, such as operating costs, customer satisfaction, quality of goods or services, etc., will subsequently be improved with a more focused vision.

Marketing Plans

  • Index International Management Consultancy will provide a Marketing plan to the companies having problems on differentiating their business from their competitors and the companies struggling to sell their products and services to their customers or clients, due to lack of product or brand awareness or the company doesn’t has a define marketing plan to market the company products. Index International Management Consultancy marketing plan will lead the company forsuccessfullymarketing the company products ahead of competitorsand to gain the market share to attain the company’sgoals.


Employee Training and HR Development

  • The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a successful business. If the companies are hiring and keeping good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they employees can increase their productivity.
  • Taylor made training programmes to suit the organization requirements.

Why you need to select Index International Management Consultancy

  • Index International Management Consultancy concern about your business development and NOT concerns the size of the company.Majority of the Business consultancies focus their services on to large corporations and company formations. They have limited availabilityfor Medium and small projects, andwhen they do, they are expensive.
  • Index International Management Consultancy experts will be helping Medium / small businesses with the cost effective way business operations and we value businessmanVision and businesseven if the business is only just a starting out. Index International Management Consultancyvision is to help the businessman to achieve his business dreams, goals and projected profit, and Index International Management Consultancyvalues and approach are reflecting the same. Index International Management Consultancybelieves in long-term business relationships and we will support to attain thebusinessmanbusiness vision even after the completion of company project.

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